"I have personally been involved in EWI for almost eight years in a variety of roles and I cannot express fully how the experience has enriched my life. Working with this dynamic group of ladies has given me faith in the power of women and that dreams can become reality. Membership has rewarded me with many new long term friendships and business partners, many from all over North America. If you are going to join, be prepared to have fun, push and develop your inner strengths and know you have a sisterhood behind you in life!"

Karen Skirten, CTC, Independent Consultant, Tier One Travel

"I originally came to EWI as a representative for Canada Post. Little did I know how much a part of my life EWI would become! At the touch of a keyboard or picking up the phone and contacting a EWI member, I can get any information I need for my job, ranging from where to get the best promo items for my company, to locating an event planner for a conference. Most of the time they can provide me exactly what I need and if they don’t have the answer they can guide me in the correct direction. Not only has EWI assisted me in my professional life, but enabled me to make life long friendships. "

Cheyne Parkinson, Sustaining Member

"My experience with EWI has been wonderful. I have been a member since around 1985 when I worked as a Sales Manager for the Chateau Airport Hotel (now the Delta Airport Hotel). When I left there I worked as an Assistant for my husband and became a member representative for his company. When my husband semi-retired I took a part-time position in Sales at Heritage Park and became their representative and was there for eleven years until I retired almost two years ago. Once I retired I was able to keep up my membership as a "sustaining Member" which I am at present.

I found EWI to help professionally, personally, with plenty of networking and we have many educational and other programs of interest.

I was Chairperson of several committees during my time with EWI and now I just love to keep up with what is going on in the corporate world and still enjoy the camaraderie at their dinner meetings once a month with the clients/friends I have made over the years."

Anne Ferrier, Sustaining Member

My first experience with EWI was as a guest at one of their fundraising events. I immediately wanted to know more about this organization that consisted of a diverse group of women, all successful in their various careers and businesses doing great work in our community. I was fortunate that the company I was employed with was already a member firm and I came on board as their third representative in 2006. When my employment with that company ended, the idea of not having EWI in my life was unacceptable and today I represent my own firm. I can honestly say that through my association with EWI I have grown immensely and I am grateful every day for the opportunities both personally and professionally that membership provides!

Michelle Goshinmon, Owner/Operator, Creative Differences

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