EWI is an organization that believes in long-term, highly valuable relationships. EWI does not work as a "quick-hit" lead generator. Rather, member representatives build lasting, sustainable, and ultimately valuable business connections through trust and respect. The relationships your employees form create associations between your organization and a diversity of other prestigious firms and executives in your city.


EWI offers hundreds of professional development webinars and other resources each year on topics relevant to a member representative’s business and personal growth. Your investment provides affordable access to professionally produced training that would be difficult for many businesses to provide to their employees. To further your investment, member representatives are encouraged and expected to share their learning with other employees.


EWI member representatives practice strong business ethics and build core skills such as public speaking, effective leadership, mentoring, strategic planning, and even how to effectively and efficiently run meetings with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Untapped Potential

Participation in EWI quickly raises your firm’s visibility among your city’s business community. This affords you the ability to promote your products and services to audiences you may not reach otherwise, both locally and throughout EWI’s North American network. Your firm will also have the ability to build contacts by hosting Chapter Firm Nights or attending other Firm Nights and various business meetings throughout the year.


Many EWI member representatives cite leadership opportunities as a driving motivator for their participation. EWI offers a number of ways to build real-world leadership skills through Chapter leadership, Corporate Board participation, our Academy of Leadership program and other initiatives. Additionally, your membership positions your firm and your member representatives as leaders within your business community.

Tangible Returns

The EWI network is incredibly loyal and motivated to see your member representatives and your firm succeed—more often than not, representatives look to one another first when they need a specific product or service. Your firm will be listed in the EWI International Directory, considered the "blue book" of industry professionals, which constitutes a network across the United States and Canada for the exchange of information and business matters.


Your member representatives will have a support structure of like-minded individuals outside of the office for career advice and other needs. EWI membership also provides you with an opportunity to support and recognize a top-ranking person within your firm by appointing her/him to represent your organization. Lastly, EWI offers your firm a number of ways to support your local community through good works, scholarship programs, and other philanthropic initiatives.

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